How To Pick The Best Pair Of Men’s Sunglasses That Suit You!

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For many years I never bothered to buy a good pair of sunglasses. The sun really bothered me, but I guess I was too lazy to pull the trigger.

I bought a pair of inexpensive men’s sunglasses many years ago, but they weren’t very good. I learned my lesson — however, it kind of soured me on getting a new pair.

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Now for more expensive sunglasses, I didn’t really want to fork over good money for something I was going to use a few times during the summer. And my mindset stayed that way for the course of many years… until last summer.

That’s when I decided to buy my first pair of decent sunglasses. They weren’t ultra-expensive, yet they suited me. But before I bought them I decided I would do some research on the net.

I found out that there was a lot of information in regards to buying the proper pair of men’s sunglasses.


Finding the Best Pair of Mens Sunglasses

There were several factors I didn’t even consider!

One of them was buying a pair of sunglasses that fit your face.

There are about 5 different face types. They are:

  • Square
  • Triangle
  • Oblong
  • Round
  • Oval

I have a round face, so that means that sunglasses that are either square or rectangular would be perfect for me. Those frames would make my face appear leaner.


Another thing I had to do was investigate the sunglasses’ measurement which is in millimeters and typically broken down into 3 numbers. They are:

  • Width of the lens
  • Width of the bridge
  • Length of the eyewear arm

So for example, the measurement would be something along these lines: 50-12-135.


Realistically, the best way of finding sunglasses that suit you is to simply (a) try them on; and (b) bring a friend along to your next sunglasses’ shopping adventure (and whose opinion you trust).


Brands and Lenses

When I was trying on several pairs of mens sunglasses, I wasn’t swayed with what’s in and other factors like brand names.

Be sure to find a pair of sunglasses that you like and you wouldn’t mind wearing on any occasion. I tried a few pairs until I decided on a nice classic tortoise style look which I really liked. Additionally, I chose a style that won’t be going out of fashion anytime soon.

Although some of the sunglasses you try may look great on you, you must consider the reason why you are buying them in the first place.

  • Some people simply buy sunglasses for the style, look, or designer brand. But at the end of the day, when I was buying my sunglasses my major concern was to protect my eyes from the sun. So be sure to check out what a sunglasses’ protection index is. Decent sunglasses have at least a 95-99% UVB (Ultraviolet B) and 60% UVA (Ultraviolet A) protection.
  • Another factor to also consider is lens color. I chose a brownish tint which works well for me, but I found out that specific lens colors are ideal for different situations. For example, I learned that green or grey lens are ideal if you are driving because they block out both green and grey which are colors encountered the most while driving.
  • Also, check if they are polarized sunglasses. At first I didn’t really care if my sunglasses were polarized; I thought it was an aspect that would be useful for only some athletes and others who spent their time outdoors. I was mistaken. Polarized sunglasses are essential even if you aren’t going to use them a lot. They help reduce glare which in turn makes being out in the sun a much more comfortable and safe experience — especially if you are driving.

And lastly, you may be asking yourself, where should you buy your sunglasses?

That’s a good question. There are a lot of reputable online eyewear retailers, but before buying from them do your research into the company and its history.

Prices online tend to be more reasonable then those at your local brick and mortar retailer. Regardless, there are pros and cons to whether you decide to buy your next sunglasses online or at your local retailer.

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