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Winter clothing

One of the greatest accessories in menswear today is the scarf! Yes, mens scarfs have a utilitarian purpose. But they can also add a level of sophistication and swagger -- just like a pocket square does. A mens fashion expert helps you choose the best mens scarf for your wardrobe.

I'll show you how to choose the best mens hat styles based on face shape. See which mens hats to choose if you have a full face / round head AND which hats for men are best if you have a thin face / narrow head.

There are 3 classic styles of mens dress coats: Trench coats, Top coats, and Overcoats. Here's when to wear each one with your sport coats and dress trousers.

How well prepared are you for what Mother Nature might throw your way while you're at a football game? Here are 5 must-have accessories every guy should have...

Are you prepared for the blistering cold and winter winds when you're outside this fall and winter? If not, may I suggest the Woolrich Tailgating Jacket. See why I love this jacket.