Mens Dress Coats: 3 Types Of Coats To Wear Over Your Suit & When To Wear Each One

by Steve

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Obviously, temperature and overall weather conditions dictate the type of coat you wear.

With that said, there are 3 classic styles of mens dress coats to choose from:

  1. Trench Coats
  2. Top Coats
  3. Overcoats

Here’s when to wear each one…

3 Types Of Mens Dress Coats

#1 – The Men’s Trench Coat

This mens long coat is generally worn in spring and early fall — on those cooler wet and rainy days.

I have 2 favorites in this category:

#2 – The Men’s Top Coat

This coat is generally worn in the fall and winter months.

It should hit you right at — or just above — the knee in length.

Due to its length, a top coat is generally easier to move in when you’re getting in and out of your vehicle.

#3 – The Men’s Overcoat

This coat is generally worn in the coldest winter months.

It should hit you below the knee in length.

The overcoat is really for the gentleman who works and walks big cities — like New York, Chicago, etc.

It’s a coat for the traveling salesman who is frequently getting in and out of trains, taxis, and airports.

What To Wear With A Dress Coat

The dress coat — in whatever style — reveals the level of maturity and confidence in a man:

  • Maturity in the fact that you can afford and understand proper business dress.
  • Confidence in not looking like the man that rushed out the door without his coat, but rather the man who arrives at his business appointments looking and feeling as if he was invited and is welcome to stay a while after being asked if they could take his coat.

These mens dress coats can (and should be) worn with sport coats and dress trousers.