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10 Basic Items Every Man Should Have In His Business Wardrobe

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By Steve

one-mans-business-wardrobe-by-briancarlocknyc.jpg You already know that wearing the right suit for each business occasion will add to your personal enjoyment. You have been told that it will contribute to your financial success.

But, most important, the right business wardrobe will also save you money in the long run.

Overworking one suit, shirt, tie or pair of shoes cuts down the total wear for that item. Wool, cotton, and silk are all “live” natural  fibers. They get tired. Frequent rests between wearings preserve the life and elasticity of the fabric and add greatly to the total life of the garment. And just as your feet need rest, so do your shoes.

Once you build up a balanced wardrobe that gives you proper rotation of garments, the cost of replacing those items becomes less than the wasteful practice of wearing a few garments steadily until they are exhausted.

Here’s how to build a balanced business wardrobe, without going broke…


A balanced wardrobe for a man should be built around the following:



  • Navy Solid Suit
  • Charcoal Gray Solid Suit
  • Navy Pin Stripe or Chalk Stripe Suit
  • Charcoal Gray Pin Stripe or Chalk Stripe Suit



  • White Shirts (4)
  • Blue Shirts (2)



  • Regimental Striped Ties (4)
  • Medallion Patterned Ties (4)



  • Black Cap Toe Lace Up Shoes
  • Brown Split-Toe Lace Up Shoes


The modest outlay for this business wardrobe means you can dress up and look successful at all times.

You’ll be amazed at how much this basic business wardrobe will increase your self-confidence, your success, and your savings account.