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Ballsy For Men Grooming Products: My Ballsy B2 Trimmer Review + Ballsy Ball Wash Review

I’m a relatively hairy guy who’s been shaving my body for ages. And I’ve tried plenty of men’s grooming products designed specifically for the man parts over the years as well.

Ballsy is a company that created a bold new niche in the men’s grooming category that focuses on men’s private parts — and their newest “ball-centric” innovation is the first ever balls and body trimmer in one!

Seen here is the Ballsy B2 balls and body trimmer that I use -- with 2 quick change heads. The trimmer's charging dock, quick change heads, and length guards are in the box on the right. And the 3 Ballsy men's grooming products that I use daily are in the box on the right.

Before their B2 Trimmer was introduced, the Ballsy company rose to popularity selling men’s grooming products that are:

  • Made in the USA
  • Cruelty free
  • Talc-free
  • Aluminum-free
  • Made with plant extracts, essential oils, and other natural ingredients
  • Good for your skin

When they invited me to try the Ballsy 2-in-1 Trimmer AND their Sack Pack set of 3 men’s grooming products which tackle “below the belt” issues, I jumped at the chance! I have a current routine to compare this with, as well as my experiences with a boatload of other men’s trimmers and grooming products.

As soon as I got the Ballsy B2 trimmer, I scanned the instruction manual and found some great tips!

Following is my review of the unique Ballsy trimmer and 3 of the Ballsy grooming products…

My Review Of The 2-In-1 Ballsy Trimmer

The B2 Trimmer is smallish, waterproof (so it can be used in the shower), and it has a good “feel” to it. The matte black color is sleek, and I think it will always look brand new. I really like the look of this body trimmer.

It also seems ergonomic and feels good in my hand — the handle is easy to grip and hold onto from all angles.

There are 2 interchangeable heads — one specifically designed for “the pair down there” and one for everywhere else:

  • The Ball Trimmer Head is tall & narrow (rather than wide, like a regular men’s shaver or razor). And the 3 different Ball Trimming Guards let you shave your balls as close — or as shaggy — as you’d like ’em to be.  Since it’s vertical in shape, it’s easier to navigate some of the tricky trimming angles and uneven surfaces found below the belt. The ball safe blade and 7000 rpm motor prevent nicks and cuts.
  • The Body Trimmer Head is wide like most men’s shavers & razors — but it’s not too wide. It’s a little less wide than the body shaver I was using before this. I find Ballsy’s B2 trimmer a little easier to hold and maneuver while you’re using it. It’s great for your face — including the eyebrows (with one of the guards in place), as well as ear and nose hair AND for full body grooming. It comes with 4 Body Trimming Guards — so you can choose how close you want the shave to be.

Ballsy as a company makes a big deal of asking, “Why would you want to use the same trimmer on your face that you use for your balls?” To be honest, I never thought twice about it. But now that I see the difference between the 2 sizes and shapes of the Ballsy Trimmer heads, it just makes sense!

I guess it’s one of those things you don’t ever think about until you realize there’s a better way than the way you’ve been doing things. And trust me… once you experience for yourself how it can be done differently, you won’t want to go back to the old way! Each of the Ballsy trimmer heads serves its unique purpose quite well.

I like how easy it is to remove and replace each trimmer head. And they each stay securely in place while the trimmer is in use.

The charging dock works by plugging one end of the USB cord that’s included into a standard USB outlet adapter. (You probably already have many of these around the house from the many different mobile phones you’ve owned. There’s nothing special about it — it’s simply how you get electricity to the USB cord.) Similar to an electric toothbrush charger — you just set the bottom of the trimmer itself into the charging dock, and wa-laah, it begins charging.

I was happy to find out that the end that goes into the charging dock itself is USB-C — which is the modern standard for most Android and Apple phones these days.  (When most of your gadgets are USB-C, it’s easy to mix-and-match the cords and adapters!)

I discovered right away another benefit of this particular charger… the white LED lights on it are bright enough to serve as a night light in your bathroom at night! (I keep my trimmer in the charger anytime I’m not using it — and that’s when the LED lights are activated.) Of course, depending on your sensitivity to light at night, this could be either a pro OR a con.

Before this I was afraid to use anything but a corded trimmer for full body trimming — because I thought trimming with less than 100% power from a “wireless” or “battery-operated” trimmer could easily result in nicks, cuts, and snags. Because it can take awhile to trim your whole body sometimes, and the battery naturally wears down a bit. But I’ve honestly never had an issue with nicks, cuts, or snags when using the Ballsy Trimmer wirelessly (not plugged in during use).

My Review Of Ballsy Men’s Grooming Products

Here’s my review of the 3 men’s grooming products included in the Ballsy Sack Pack:


Our original activated charcoal nut, butt & body wash featuring several essential oils & plant extracts to leave you smelling and feeling incrediball.

On the left is the original 8oz. bottle of Ball Wash (that I take with me when I travel). On the right is the XL 16oz. bottle with pump (that I use daily in the shower).

This shower soap is great! At first I was nervous because it’s black in color (from the charcoal that’s in it) and I thought it would leave a mess in the shower — but it doesn’t.

Ballwash is also thicker than most liquid soaps — so it’s easier to get just the right amount and apply it right where you want. It doesn’t take much either! (Most other liquid soaps are quite runny, which always leads me to to squeeze out too much each time.)

I like that it’s pH balanced — so it’s a powerful cleanser AND it’s gentle on your skin. (Especially in those delicate areas!)

They say that Ballwash was formulated for a guy’s most odor-prone & sensitive area to help reduce irritation and jock itch, while protecting the skin. I’d say they know what they’re doing — I really like the Ballwash.

The smell is nice, too. My wife was wondering exactly which essential oils are in it. I learned that the Ballsy Ballwash contains: Aloe Vera, Cucumber Peel Extract, Lavender, and Cedarwood Oil. Plus, it has “natural vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories to keep your skin feeling its best.”

Works for me… I’m very happy with this all-over body wash!

Ballwash has permanently replaced my previous shower wash — because of the extra freshness I feel when I use it. Other shower washes do the job of getting you clean, but this one makes me feel fresher and cleaner for a longer period of time. (Based on the times I’ve used it without using either the Sack Spray or the Nut Rub after my shower.)

Pictured above is the original 8oz. bottle of Ball Wash I received (that I take with me when I travel), and a larger 16oz. bottle with pump that I got later (and I use daily in the shower).

Sack Spray

Sack Spray delivers a refreshing pH balanced blast to the nuts that neutralizes odor while helping neutralize odor and irritation. Great for your balls & body.


Initially, I was hoping that this would replace my old standby: Gold Bond spray. And it has! I no longer use the Men’s Gold Bond spray for my nether regions.

I was eager to see if the Ballsy Sack Spray would work as well as the Gold Bond spray powder that I've used for years. (The Sack Spray works even better!)

The very first time I tried the Sack Spray, I immediately liked it. It’s a lightweight, liquid pump spray (not an aerosol spray like Gold Bond body spray).

It might seem like this type of liquid spray from a pump bottle would be too “wet” or tacky — but it’s not. It doesn’t leave my junk feeling wet at all, and that’s a good thing!

Nor does it have a chalky residue build-up like the Gold Bond spray does by the end of the day.

It also smells good as you’re spraying it — kind of like eucalyptus. And it feels good, too. But I found that using this Sack Spray alone (after a shower) gives you a pretty much a neutral smell — not much of a scent at all.

That’s why I prefer the smell and overall feeling I get when I use the Sack Spray AND Nut Rub together. (First the spray, then immediately the rub — no drying time in between necessary.)

Nut Rub Solid Cologne

An easy to apply solid cologne and skin balm that’s longer-lasting to help keep you smelling better longer while protecting your skin.

This can of Nut Rub is small but mighty! It only takes a little bit, and it lasts all day as a deodorizer for your balls. (Works under your armpits too!)

The Nut Rub comes in 6 different scents:

  • Ocean & Air
  • Forest & Fields
  • Citrus & Cedar
  • Bourbon & Barrel
  • Drift & Dunes
  • Sun & Surf
  • Smoke & Suede

I have the “Ocean & Air” one. It smells really good. I guess “fresh” and “clean” would be the words I’d use to describe this scent. UPDATE: I’ve also tried the “Citrus & Cedar” one and it’s great too — has the exact same effects.

At first, I thought since this product is a little tacky to the touch, it might feel sticky and make things feel uncomfortable down there — but nope! I found Nut Rub to be the icing on the cake when it comes to staying fresh feeling all day long. It is surprisingly long-lasting.

One tip for the folks at Ballsy: Please add a little tab to the Nut Rub cans! You know… like cans of shoe polish have. These big hands and fat fingers find it extremely frustrating to open the little metal lid on these little metal tin cans. Even my wife who has much smaller hands had to resort to using something to pry the lid off! UPDATE: The newest can of Nut Rub I ordered has a screw-on top… much better!

As you can see here, the older cans of Nut Rub had to be pried apart to open. But the new cans screw apart with ease.

The Bottom Line

Overall, I’m happy. My wife is happy. My whole body smells good and feels good after using the 2-in-1 Ballsy Trimmer regularly and the Ballsy men’s grooming products daily. These items have become a permanent staple in my bathroom — and I think they would be a great addition to any guy’s grooming arsenal!

As for the Ballsy B2 Trimmer…

  • If you’re already regularly grooming yourself and all of your parts in this way… you might want to kick things up a notch and try out the latest and greatest men’s body trimmer on the market. It’s better than all of the others that I’ve personally tried so far.
  • If you’re not in the habit of trimming your body yet… Trust me, you’ll appreciate the difference the very first time you try the Ballsy 2-in-1 body trimmer. And I’m speaking to all guys here, not just the overly hairy ones like me.

As for the Ballsy Grooming Products…

  • I appreciate the amount care that goes into making each of the Ballsy men’s grooming products. The more “natural” the ingredients are, the better we all are for it! PLUS they’re made in the USA.
  • While I’ve only tried 3 of the Ballsy grooming products so far, I can’t wait to try more! I believe I’ve finally found the best men’s grooming products for man parts.

I think that Ballsy products like these would be great gift for the man in your life who likes to take care of himself! They also have a slew of other manly products for us guys on the Ballsy website.

My wife just told me that she ordered a few new items for me to try from their site. The one I’m most excited to try is the Liquid Powder.

TIP: In the days leading up to most major holidays, the Ballsy website usually provides a 15%- to 20%-off coupon! And if you “like” them on Facebook, I’ve found that they’re often promoting 10%- to 15% discounts.

I especially want to try the Ballsy Liquid Powder — to see how it compares to the Sack Spray.

She also signed me up for a subscription to receive automatic refills of my 3 favorites every 3 months: the Ballwash, Sack Spray, and Nut Rub. (When you subscribe… the prices are lower, you get FREE shipping, and can cancel at any time.)

This is a copy of the Ballsy subscription that I signed up for -- every 3 months I receive these products. And I think the prices are great!

Oh, and here’s another tip from the wife: Ballsy products are also available on Amazon. The prices appear to be $2 more per item, on Amazon — compared to the prices on their website.

The “automatic refill” prices (if you choose to get a subscription like I did) are generally $2 less per item than the Amazon price.

Upgrade your balls game with long-lasting products formulated to keep you fresh, comfortable, and confident.


Liquid Powder vs. Sack Spray

I was wondering how the Sack Spray would be different from the Liquid Powder — in terms of feeling fresh all day.

After the Liquid Powder arrived — along with my first shipment of the subscription products I ordered (quite quickly I might add) — I put the 2 similar products to the test: Liquid Powder vs. Sack Spray. Here’s what I noticed:

  • The Liquid Powder is a lightweight cream that dries quicker than the Sack Spray.
  • The Sack Spray has a “cool and soothing” feeling, but it stays damp longer. Not in a bad way — it’s just a small difference that I noticed between the two products.
  • After using the Liquid Powder one morning and not taking a shower for 2 days (long story!), the smell coming from my nether regions was still neutral. So, that’s saying a lot for the Liquid Powder!
  • I like the Liquid Powder best — because it dries faster and seems to keep me fresher longer.
  • The Sack Spray is really good when you need “a quick refresh”. I use it mostly as an afternoon spritzer — like after bicycling or working out at the gym.
  • The only downside to the Liquid Powder is the fact that it leaves a white powdery residue on the bottle itself — from your hands. So it’s not all that attractive sitting on your bathroom counter. But oddly enough… it does NOT turn your body parts powdery white!
As you can see here, the bottle of Liquid Powder looks a little powdery on the outside after using it so much. Fortunately, it doesn't turn your body parts powdery white though!

By the way, I now use the Ballwash all over my body, including my underarms too. I’ve noticed that it makes my regular deodorant (non Ballsy product) last longer. Which means I smell fresher longer from pits to knees!

Overall, I’m really happy with these Ballsy men’s grooming products — I’m glad I found them.