Dressing For The Job Interview

by Steve

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job-interview-suits.jpg It’s important to note that people in general will form their perceptions in the first 30 seconds — which more than likely will influence how they choose to interact with you.

During the job interview, they are consciously and unconsciously judging based on your visual and verbal communication.

The things that speak the loudest yet never utter a word are your clothing and overall grooming.

While business attire today runs the gamut allowing for more individual expression, it also is a path that leads to error.

Preparation is key.

The job candidate who shows up wearing the right clothes may gain a competitive edge.

When preparing for a job interview here are few things to consider:

  • Familiarize yourself with the company’s business, its competition, and the marketplace.
  • Familiarize yourself with the company’s dress code.
  • Beyond dressing well and making a professional presentation, you want your choice of clothes to type with the prospective organization’s culture.
  • It is always smarter to err on the over dressed side. But if the company’s interviewer happens to be partial to cotton chinos and a company polo shirt, then showing up in a business suit and black lace-ups would not be be putting your best foot forward.

NOTE: If you arrive in a coat and tie and you feel you’re over dressed, what a great opportunity to demonstrate your self-confidence by asking the individual interviewing you if they mind if you remove your coat.

  • Appropriate interview attire sends the message that here is an applicant who did their homework.
  • Think about the way the person interviewing you may dress.
  • Try to objectively see yourself through the eyes of a stranger; consider what your clothes may announce about you.

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