Guys: Ear Gauges, Tattoos & Piercings Could Stand Between You And A Job

by Lynnette

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In the 1980’s guys getting their left ear pierced was somewhat trendy and cool.

These days, it’s gone far beyond simple ear piercings (including having both ears pierced instead of just one) to ear gauges that stretch your earlobes out of shape and leave big holes.

Unlike tattoos, which can be covered by clothing, stretching or gauging your ears (and other visible body parts) isn’t so easy to cover.

Even if you decide to take the ear gauge plugs out, a gaping hole and slightly mis-shapen earlobe becomes obvious.

Who knows?…

Perhaps the one and only time you will pay the price for your visible tattoos and/or piercings is when you’re at a job interview.

Depending on the industry, things like open holes, multiple piercings, and scars on your face, neck or hands may not be acceptable on the job.

So the point is… think carefully about the ways that you choose to modify your look.

Those holes, piercings, and scars could stand between you and the job you ultimately want. If not now, then maybe later — because the holes and scars can last a lifetime.

If you’ve already got the ear gauges and now you’re headed to a job interview, try these flesh tone ear gauge plugs.

More tips here: The Pierced Person’s Guide To Getting A Job.

In the following video, Aaron Marino chats about the pros and cons of guys getting ear gauges, tattoos, and multiple piercings: