Mens Rain Shoes: My Picks For The 5 Best Rain Shoes For Men (…That Look Great!)

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Wondering which shoes to wear on those rainy days of spring and summer without looking like a farmer going to feed his cattle?

Spring is right around the corner and ready to wreak havoc on your dress shoes!

While rain is a little gentler than the salt used on sidewalks to melt snow, rain is actually mixed with oils and other chemical washed out from yards, streets, and fields.

As a result, rain will certainly bring unnecessary wear to your leather and suede shoes.

But you have a couple of options…

How To Protect Your Shoes When It Rains

Here are 2 good options:

Option #1 – You could purchase a pair of rainy day shoes and leave a pair of brown and black dress shoes at your office.

Option #2 – You could buy a pair of rainy day shoes (or even more convenient… a pair of rubber overshoes that are a little less bulky to stuff in a tote, brief bag, etc.) and just transport your “rain shoes” back and forth on the rainiest of days.

Whichever option you choose, I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t overly concern yourself with the look of your shoes while in transit.

It’s far more important to protect the investment in your shoes and have them appear shined and maintained when you really need that professional look and finish.

Best Men’s Rain Shoes

With that in mind, following are my top recommendations for men’s rainy day shoes (in order of preference):

#1 – Hunter’s Original Sissinghurst Short Boots

Not to high and not too low. These rain boots have the pull tabs that allow you to slip them on with ease. They work equally well in the city and in the country. The other big advantage of this boot is it allows you to tuck your pant legs into the boot when walking through town or when there may be deeper lying water.

#2 – The Original L.L. Bean Rubber Moc

These are a well-constructed classic moc that has been around since 1912. Very easy to slip on and off and much lighter and easier to get on than their 6-inch ankle lace-up counterpart. These popular mens rain shoes are the tried and the true.

#3 – Gill by Tretorn Lace Up Boot

For those who need to feel the security of a lace-up on your feet, this is the boot for you! These rain shoes also have a sneaker kind of style that can look a bit more fashionable — if your work environment consist of denim and chinos.

#4 – Tillamook Bay by BOGS

A personal favorite due to how simply it slides on and off. Not to mention the fact that it has a cool urban street-wear vibe. These mens rain shoes look great for a more business casual workplace — or for the days you are wearing a sport coat instead of a suit.

#5 – Loafer Style Rubber Overshoes by TOTES

While these are quality made and may take away the slight inconvenience of carrying your dress shoes around, they are a PAIN IN THE ASS to put on and take off. Thus, the reason they are last on this list.

RAINY DAY TIP:  If for some reason you get caught in the rain wearing your regular shoes, by all means make sure to insert a pair of cedar shoe trees — to remove the moisture and maintain your shoes’ proper shape and form!