How To Fold A Pocket Square For A Man’s Suit

by Jim Walczak

pocket squares, suits

Have you been wondering how exactly to fold a handkerchief for the pocket of your suit or tuxedo?



You can follow along with these simple step-by-step instructions…


Following are some videos and tips from the pros showing you how to precisely fold a man’s pocket square several different ways.

Tips For Folding Pocket Squares

There are actually a number of different ways to fold a handkerchief to properly fit into the breast pocket of your suit jacket.

You can be quick and casual about it, or you can go the professional route and use an iron to neatly press each of the folds.

Here are some ideas:


Now for the videos…


How to fold a pocket square… fast:



Pocket folds: How to fold pocket squares with 2 points, 3 points & 4 points:



How to fold a pocket square using puff folds with silk ties:



See how to fold pocket squares using flat folds:



How to fold a pocket square yourself:



5 ways to fold a pocket square like Mad Men do:


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