Father’s Day Ties: How To Choose A Silk Tie For Dad Based On His Personality And Character

by Steve

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What manner of man is your father or husband?

A man’s personal taste determines the particular kind of tie styles which will do the most for him.

A man wearing exactly the right combination of design, proportion and color for his personality in a silk tie makes a world of difference in his overall appearance.

The following examples illustrate some of the more trendy tie styles that help to define a man’s character.

Use this as a guide for choosing a tie that is best suited to the particular manner of man your father or husband is — inside and out.

Incidentally, ties are my specialty.

I’ve been in the men’s clothing business since 1991, and my business is focused on providing custom-tailored suits, shirts as well as men’s accessories.

So, which tie is best for that special man in your life?…


Does he look like a business tycoon?

Dignified … solid … well-groomed … a respected citizen … success personified

Try one of these Luxe ties


Does he look like a man of affairs?

Smooth … well turned out … admired … a man who makes things happen

Try one of these Handmade ties


Does he look like an athlete?

Broad-shouldered … dominating with youth in his eye and his figure

Try one of these Studio ties


When you choose the right manner of tie, it’s more than just a tie… it’s the right tie for the man you respect the most on Father’s Day!