5 Must-Have Accessories Every Guy Should Take To A Football Game

by Steve

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spalding leather football helmet - photo from fftwelve.com The morning of the big game arrives and you are already knee deep into your pre-game home rituals.

You’re Twittering, texting and making phone calls to line up all the boys for your pre-game tailgate party, while watching and listening to all the commentary on ESPN.

The time has arrived to depart for the game and with all the excitement  you walk out the door with what you feel are the 2 most important things: yourself and your ticket.

Not so fast!



5 Must-Have Accessories For Men

Equally as important is making sure when you leave home that you are prepared for what Mother Nature may have in store. Never assume that the weather will fare as well as your team.

And just like the uncomfortable feeling you get when stuck sitting with the hostile fans from the opposing team at the away games, you will feel that same discomfort when the weather brings you the unexpected.

How well prepared are you?

Along with your tailgate jacket, you don’t want to leave home without the following items the next time you’re headed to a football game.

These are my top picks: