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Mens Chino Shorts: How To Dress Up And How To Dress Down A Pair Of Chino Shorts

Chino shorts made with a plain front are a classic that can easily be dressed up or dressed down. When paired with the right shirt, belt, and shoes, chino shorts can really give you a smart, cool look -- for day or night. I'm going to show you how to dress up and how to dress down a pair of chino shorts. First, it all starts with selecting the right length of shorts...

Fall Trends For Men’s Clothing

Seasons change. Summer is on its way out. And autumn is on its way in. If you're a trendy guy, then you know that it's time to prepare for the change of seasons. Here are some fall trends for men.

Men’s Linen Clothing Tips: Fun Ways To Look Stylish In Linen

While in today's market you may find linen blended with other fibers, I recommend staying away from the two famous sisters 'Poly' and 'Ester'. Keep in mind that nothing breathes cooler than a natural fiber, therefore, what you gain in wrinkle resistance you lose in the coolness and lightweight comfort of linen's natural fibers.