Fall Trends For Men’s Clothing

by J D

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mens-fall-trends-by-avtxyz.jpg With autumn coming, the fashion world is preparing to change with the season.

The sheer and colorful outfits of summer will soon be replaced with warmer wardrobes.

When it comes to fashion trends, men’s fashion evolves slower than women’s fashion does. However, it still carries with it some distinct changes.

It’s worth mentioning that the basic fall apparel for men means giving some extra attention to:


The No. 1 men’s fashion trend for fall is the bow tie … For every man who has wanted to try the bow tie, you’ve got a good excuse this season. Now is the time. It’s a trend that’s out there and there are lots of choices. You’ve got the basic bow ties as well as new, bold, vivid ones. You’ve also got pre-tied bow ties as well as traditional ones that come with step-by-step tying instructions.  Source


Men’s Fall Color Trends

In general, fall trends for men tend to promote the classic and neutral colors of black, brown, and grey. But some blue, red or other brighter colors become a great accent to men’s style as well.

For example:


Military Style Is In

This autumn, you may want to go retro or turn to a military style — inspired by the early 20th Century military suits.

Colors in the tones of navy and army green carry the theme very well, along with a pair of aviator boots. As a purposeful style, you can accompany the look with any type of pants. You can even combine your Army style with denim jeans.

One thing to remember is that you should always go for darker colors. You can also look for a vintage military coat to support this fall trend. A burberry watch surely supports this look quite well.


Fall Trends: Men’s Suits

As for suits, the fall trend takes on the more classic cuts — moving away from the skinny suit, but not too loose-fitting either.

Go for the cut that promotes the masculine posture with broad shoulders, slim waist, and a pair of slim trousers.

Double breasted suits are in again, with a slimmer appearance.

For suits in general, you can select from 1 to 3 buttons. More buttons give the illusion of a taller and slimmer body.

  • If you are not very tall, then you should avoid a single-buttoned suit, because you will definitely look shorter.
  • If you happen to be tall, then opt for 1 or 2 buttons, but rarely 3.
  • More than 3 buttons is simply not in the current trend.

Besides the classic men’s suit fabrics of cotton and wool, the fall trend boldly introduces velvet. If you want to stand out, velvet is a good way to go! Select dark color shades. If a velvet suit is just too bold for you, then make a more delicate choice — such as a velvet lapel. Velvet lapels can give a suite a stylish touch. Velvet, in general, is quite trendy.


More Fall Trends For Men

For a more casual look, cardigans and sweaters are still in.

In the end, it all goes back to how you wear the outfit. Even though the latest trend can become a guideline for you in terms of what to wear or what not to wear, you must also go with what makes you comfortable. That is the key if you want to look stylish without overdoing the look.

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