Tips For Finding Clothes For Tall Men

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tall-men-clothing.jpg While tall men may be thankful for their height when they hear relationship psychologists claiming that every woman wants a tall man, they’re not quite so happy to have those extra inches when it comes to putting an outfit together.

Trousers seem to swing around their ankles while jacket sleeves never quite reach the parts they’re supposed to.

Tall men can sometimes look as though they’re wearing clothes they’ve had since their adolescent years. And perhaps a little more worrying is that years of wearing ill-fitting clothes can sometimes lead tall men to develop a hunch.

So how does a tall guy dress so that he looks and feels every bit as desirable as those relationship experts tell him he should?


Tall Men’s Pants

No matter how tempted you are to buy a pair of sensational looking pants with a 32-inch leg, they won’t look as good on you as they do your colleague if you’re constantly worrying about your socks showing.

It’s important for everyone, regardless of their size, to buy clothes that fit correctly. But if you’re tall and your height makes you feel conspicuous, then it’s doubly important that you buy clothing that fits properly.

This will ensure that not only do you create a good look, but that you also feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing.

If you’re slim as well as tall, then steer clear of pants that sit low on the hips. These will give the impression of a lengthened torso which will make your body look disproportionate.

Stick to straight pants that sit at your natural waist; or for a more formal look, choose tapered pants which will add a little bulk to your shape. Flat-fronted pants are a classic look for a tall guy, regardless of his build. Again, fit is all important.


Tall Men’s Shirts

When buying a shirt, check that the arm length is adequate. Not only will it look odd if your shirt sleeves finish half-way up your forearms, but it will also be uncomfortable.

If you’re on the large size, don’t squeeze yourself into a shirt that’s one or two sizes too small in the belief that it will make you look slim. Conversely, you don’t want to wear a shirt that’s baggy as this will make you appear a lot heavier than you actually are.

Take time to find a good fitting shirt. You may have to pay a little extra for a good quality shirt that fits well but it will be money well spent.

Most dress shirts are sized by arm length and neck circumference and are usually the same length from neck to hem, so if you’re tall (or large) you will need to take this into account when shopping, because you won’t want your shirttails forever riding up out of the waistband of your pants.

Most department stores employ assistants who are trained to measure customers for a correctly fitting shirt, so shop at a store with staff who can help you choose the right shirt.

When checking sizing, the letter “T” on the label denotes that the shirt is designed for a tall man.

When trying on a dress shirt, fully extend your arms in front of you to make sure the sleeves are long enough and don’t ride up your forearms.

If you’re very slim, avoid vertical stripes as these will give the appearance of an elongated torso making you look skinny. Vertical stripes can look good on a larger guy, though, in both dress and casual shirts.


Tall Men’s Jackets

A double-breasted jacket will add bulk to the appearance of a frame, which means that it can be a good choice if you’re tall and slim.

If you’re on the large size however, it’s probably best to choose a single-breasted jacket in a dark color.

Cotton and linen are smart choices for the summer months, while a good quality wool jacket (avoid a fabric mix with a high percentage of polyester) is a good investment. It’s a versatile item that will last years.

Where stripes are concerned, remember that horizontal stripes add width, while vertical stripes add length.
As a tall man, you may have to spend a little more time and money to get clothes that fit correctly, but it’s worth it. A well-dressed man who stands above his contemporaries is one that’s always going to be noticed – for all the right reasons.


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