Mens Fashion Gifts: 10 Great Gifts For Men With A Sense Of Style

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Following are 10 great gifts for men who have a good sense of style.

Whether he’s just starting to build his professional wardrobe, or it’s time to replace something that’s always been his favorite…

Take it from me, if your man cares about how he looks in public, then you’ll definitely make his day if you get him something from this list:


5 Mens Fashion Gifts Under $50

#1 – Socks

Every man likes new socks! And you can never go wrong — whether he is a suit and tie guy, or a construction worker.

While it’s easy to buy the basic solid colors, buy a few pairs of patterned socks or some type of theme sock for a good laugh.

If you hear him complain about his socks always falling down, then buy him some over-the-calf socks.


#2 – Silk Pocket Square

This is a great gift for the man who already wears pocket squares or for the guy who should be wearing them.

For the experienced, festive guy look for something unique in color and pattern. For the new guy, buy a nice solid white or sky blue solid silk pocket square.


#3 – Tie

For the guy who wears a tie everyday, there is no better gift. Seriously.

Sometimes the tie is what gives that old suit or sport jacket a whole new lease on life — not to mention a smile of confidence on the face of the guy wearing it.


#4 – Collar Stays

Most guys wear different size collars that require different size collar stays.

And most guys generally misplace the cheap plastic ones and end up using paper clips (or engineering something they found in the house).

The stainless steel set of collar stays offers various sizes and a price point that would make them worthy of keeping a closer eye on.


#5 – Picture Frame

Being a father, I love seeing pictures of my kids.

I can’t think of a father, grandfather, husband, friend, or significant other who doesn’t appreciate a picture of the special people in their lives.

If you have more than one picture you’d like to give him, then consider a digital picture frame that constantly rotates through a slideshow of photos!


5 Mens Fashion Gifts Over $50

#1 – Scarf

A scarf makes the ideal gift for guys — because there is no concern with size!

It’s also a gift that you can get a little creative with colors and patterns — because unlike a tie, he doesn’t have to wear it all day.

My suggestion is to find something fun that he may not choose for himself, yet something he would still wear.


#2 – Sweater

Every man enjoys a good sweater — especially the classic crewneck that requires nothing more than a tshirt underneath.

I recommend you stick with classic styles such as:

  • Crewneck
  • V-neck
  • V-neck vest
  • Cardigan

Stay with the most versatile colors like navy, gray, or black and you can’t go wrong!


#3 – Cuff Links

If carefully selected, these can be a very special gift.

I personally like when daughters have their own initials engraved on a set of cufflinks and give them to their father.

I have seen cuff links engraved with anniversary dates or the birthdays of their children, as well.

Engraved cufflinks can be a creative and thoughtful gift for any guy.


#4 – Gloves

This is a gift that men generally won’t buy for themselves — which is what makes this a great gift!

When given as a gift, you want to make sure to invest in the highest quality lambskin gloves.


#5 – Flannel Shirt

The right flannel shirt can be as important as a guy’s favorite pair of jeans.  It’s something all men enjoy wearing in the autumn/winter months when they’re at their most relaxed state.

I highly recommend wool, a wool blend, or brushed cotton.

These 2 flannel shirts are my personal favorites:


If you have any other mens fashion gifts that you’ve enjoyed giving or receiving, let us know in the comments below!

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