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Pocket Squares: Why You Should Wear Them

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By Steve

new_signature_two_button_patterned_suit.jpg You may be wondering, why do I need to wear a pocket square? 

I must first clarify that a decorative silk pocket square in no way replaces a good white linen pocket square.

And when worn for decoration, a silk pocket square must not be used for the pocket square’s true function: service!

At the most opportune time and when appropriately presented, this thoughtful and respectful gesture will convey a man’s true gentility.

EXAMPLE:  You and your wife have invited a colleague and his wife out for an evening dinner. While at dinner, your colleague’s wife accidentally spills her wine. You should immediately reach to your breast pocket, without standing, and quietly extend to her your linen pocket square.


2 Important Things:

  1. If you have chosen to wear a silk pocket square that evening you need to make sure that a clean linen or cotton handkerchief accompanies the inside breast pocket of your jacket to offer a lady.
  2. Never stand up and reach for the handkerchief in your back pocket. You will be assuming that it is clean, and you will also draw undo attention to an already uncomfortable situation.

There are those men whose understanding and taste are unfortunately restricted to their palette.

And their are those men who truly understand the significance of its service and the unique personal style the pocket square adds in the completion of a man’s suit.

May I suggest you adopt the latter.

Here are guidelines for when to wear a pocket square.

Here are some great videos and tips showing how to fold a pocket square.