The Navy Solid Suit: See Why It’s The Foundation Of Every Man’s Business Wardrobe

by Steve

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Whether you’re a graduate entering the business world or a seasoned veteran in your profession, the first suit you must own (and replace before any other when needed) is none other than the navy solid suit.

A navy solid suit is the single most important item in your business wardrobe.

The navy solid is, without question, the most important suit you will ever own.

To truly understand the importance of this suit, you must first understand the psychology behind it and what the color navy represents.


Navy Color Meanings

Navy, psychologically, is honest.

When you stop to consider the dynamics of this in the political world, for example, you will notice that 99.9% of the time our President (or any other public official) speaks before a national audience, he is wearing a navy solid suit.

A wise and astute litigating attorney, when presenting his opening statement before the judge and jury, will be wearing a navy solid suit.

There are more appropriate opportunities to wear the navy solid suit than any other suit in your wardrobe.

Let the following be your guide for wearing a navy solid suit …


The navy solid suit shows the best advantage professionally when worn for:

  • Business appointments with new customers
  • Board meetings
  • Speaking engagements
  • Business and civic evening engagements
  • Being recognized or receiving an award
  • Interviews


The navy solid suit shows the best advantage socially when worn for:

  • Fine dinners and concerts with your bride or significant other
  • Semi-formal engagements when black tie is not required
  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Graduations
  • Religious and holiday engagements

Important: The navy solid suit demands the formality of a dress shirt and tie. Any attempt to dress this suit to a look of business casual will only reveal your lack of understanding of style and good taste.


Men’s Style Commandment #147:  Navy number one.

If you can own only one suit, make it navy. It’s the most versatile color and can be dressed up or down.


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