Men’s Grooming Tips For A Job Interview

by Steve

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It is good for a man to have pride in his appearance, and it takes extra time and attention for a man to dress well.

My grandfather used to say that he judged a man by his shoes. Perhaps he was saying that our external appearance is often the one most people see and judge us by.

Do you consider yourself well-groomed?

Tips for looking like a sharp dressed man for a job interview.

Maybe it’s time to evaluate yourself before the job interview by considering the following standards of a well-groomed man…


Grooming Tips For A Job Interview

When it comes to personal grooming, some things need to be given more time and attention than others.

Here are some basic grooming tips that will help you to make a good first impression at your job interview:

  • Shoes shined and heels in good order.
  • Tie is neatly tied so that it covers the collar joining and the short end lies well under the longer one.
  • Suit and shirt are professionally cleaned and pressed.
  • Clean handkerchief tucked neatly into suit pocket.
  • Fingernails clean and short with the cuticle pushed back. If your nails are professionally manicured, they may be buffed but should never have any colored (or even colorless) polish applied.
  • Hair neatly cut or trimmed. You should also ask your barber to clip any hairs poking out of  your ears and nostrils. And, if your eyebrows are bushy, ask the barber to thin them a bit as well. Facial hair (mustache, sideburns or beard) should be neatly trimmed.
  • Cologne applied sparingly. First apply it to your handkerchief, then lightly onto to your face.
  • Hair products, if used, should not give your hair a forced appearance but a natural look instead.
  • Facial features that need extra attention: chapped lips, blackheads, pimples and scaly scalp.
  • Make sure your teeth are clean and your breath is fresh.

Just as no excuses are accepted in the job interview itself, there is also no excuse for not being well groomed on the day of the interview.

Good grooming is innate in some and acquired in others. In the end, good grooming skills can be achieved by any man who cares about making a good impression.