Woodlore shoe tree

Why You Need Cedar Shoe Trees

by Steve

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Woodlore shoe treeTrees for your shoes are like air for your tires… they provide longevity and performance.

For a moment I want you to think of your shoes without their shoe trees as a set of tires on your automobile facing the elements of their daily commute without their proper psi.

Your tires, like the shoes on your feet, will face the heat of the pavement, rain, sleet, snow, uneven roads, debris and many other challenging environments.

The Result: uneven wear and improper traction, not to mention the overall weight compromising the sides with every corner and turn you make which results in unnecessary wear and tear.

The Solution: with cedar shoe trees in every pair of dress, casual, athletic or any other shoes you may own, you can expect the following results:

  • Performance – they help retain the form and balance of their former construction allowing your shoes to perform as they were designed to.
  • Longevity – they protect the leather and the overall construction of the shoes. The cedar will remove moisture from sweat, rain, sleet and snow, thus eliminating odor and minimizing the creasing and cracking of the leather.
  • Appearance – they minimize the creases and the cracks of the leather which allows the shoes to accept shoe polish and maintain their original luster.

You decide.

However, if your decision finds you considering cedar shoe trees, may I suggest Woodlore cedar shoe trees. (Here are my picks for the top 3 cedar shoe trees.)