Men’s Shaving Hacks: 5 Tips For Nailing The Perfect Shave

by Jim Walczak

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Shaving your face. It’s a simple part of every man’s daily routine.

But did you know there are ways to maximize the closeness and smooth skin from a perfect shave?


Here are 5 tips & tricks for nailing the perfect barber shop shave at home.


There’s Always Room For Improvement

Let’s be honest here, unless you happen to be part of a popular reality television show about duck whistle magnates, then shaving your face is most likely a part of your daily routine.

Whether you rock a Ron Burgandy-style ‘stache, prefer to go baby-faced, or have some sort of facial hair hybrid in between, there’s a very good chance a razor blade makes its way towards your face on a fairly regular basis.

And while you certainly know what you’re doing at this point, there’s always room for improvement.


#1 – The Perfect Shave Is Worth A Couple Extra Minutes

If you’re like most guys, shaving is something you do completely on autopilot.

Often part of an already crazy morning routine, the majority of men shave at some point between their morning coffee and dashing out the front door.

But barbers and male stylists alike all agree: taking a couple extra minutes to perfect that razor routine can lead to not only a closer, smoother shave, but overall healthier skin as well.


#2 – Shave After You Shower, Not Before

Too many men make the mistake of shaving before hopping into their morning shower.

Instead, allowing the steam and hot water of a shower to penetrate your skin is a better approach. The heat will soften the tough bristles of your hair and cause follicles to open up, giving you a closer shave with less potential nicks and bumps.

For an added smoothness bonus, apply a tiny bit of pre-shave oil or lotion as soon as you’re done with your shower, allowing it to penetrate into your now-open pores. This will help your razor get even closer for a seamless, polished shave.


#3 – Exfoliate Twice A Week

Exfoliating (scrubbing off the top layer of dead skin cells and allowing your face to generate new, smoother skin) is an essential part of any skincare regimen.

For men, exfoliating the cheeks, chin and upper lip is especially important, because it also gets rid of built up dirt, sweat gunk, and ingrown hair.

Exfoliating twice a week is a good way to avoid the annoying and painful bumps and breakouts associated with shaving daily.

There are exfoliating scrubs designed just for men’s skin available where you buy razors and shaving cream. Or, if you’re more of a DIY dude, you can simply mix a couple spoonfuls of brown sugar with olive oil to create a homemade exfoliating paste.


#4 – Your Razor Matters

There’s no way around it. The razor you use on your face has a direct correlation to the shave you end up with and even the general condition of your skin.

Yes, the fancy 5-blade razors cost more than the ones you use once and toss. But in the end, you’ll be glad you spent a little more for the longevity and close shave.

If you’re really interested in the closest, smoothest shave available it might be worth it to invest in a straight razor. Not only is it the most economical option in the long run — one is all you’ll ever really need to buy — but it’s also going to give you the hands-down best shave of your life!

Yes, they take a little longer to use, but that one blade will give you the kind of baby smooth skin you thought was reserved for younger boys. Just make sure you read up on the proper way to actually use your straight razor before hacking at your face. Those bad boys are SHARP.


#5 – Quit Abusing Your Poor Razor

You know how you whack your razor against the edge of the sink to remove all the clogged up hair?

Stop that. Stop that right now.

No matter what kind of razor you’re using, this little habit is causing miniscule dents, dings and scratches on your blade.

Though invisible to the naked eye, these tiny damages can then catch on your skin, causing irritation and nicks.


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