Guys, Do You Sweat A Lot… Even In The Winter? Here’s How To Keep Your Body Cooler By Choosing The Best Undershirts

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We received this question from a reader:

I sweat a lot (yes, even in the winter). Do you have any tips for me?

excessive sweating - sweating through shirts

While I can’t speak to the genetic, physical makeup, and diet of individuals and what makes people sweat — I can give you some recommendations on how to keep your body cooler by wearing the right fabric in undershirts.

I’ve worn 100% cotton undershirts for over 25 years and have found them to be the best option under dress shirts for my business and casual attire.

My experience with moisture wicking undershirts has been positive as well — but only when wearing them for cardio exercise and weight training.


Best Undershirts For Men In 100% Cotton

Nothing breathes cooler than a 100% natural fiber!

Here are some of the differences between 100% cotton undershirts:

  • my tips for choosing the best undershirts for menCrew Neck Undershirt – A great undershirt for dress clothes and casual attire. Some men prefer this undershirt over the V-neck undershirt because of how it feels around the neck. A crew neck undershirt can help if your neck is easily irritated by starch from the dry cleaning of your dress shirts and business casual shirts.
  • V-Neck Undershirt – Personally, I prefer a V-neck undershirt in the winter months. I also like that fact that it is the appropriate option to wear when not wearing a necktie under my dress shirts or business casual shirts.
  • Athletic Tank Top Undershirt – The tank top undershirt is a great shirt for summer months — because less is always more. Unless, of course you have challenges with yellowing at the armpits of your shirts.


More Tips On Choosing The Best Undershirts And Deodorants

In addition to my advice above, here are some more tips to help you stop sweating through your shirts:

how to choose the best undershirts for men


What About Yellow Armpit Stains?

Both crew neck undershirts and V-neck undershirts give you the best options in terms of eliminating yellowing in the armpits of your shirts.

If you find your shirts yellowing in the armpits and interior collar, you can always request to have your dry cleaner “spot your collar” — as well as the armpits (and in extreme cases, your cuffs).

Consider trying different deodorants as well as colognes. Some cause yellowing more than others.

The Art of Manliness has some good tips for preventing and removing yellow armpit stains from your shirts.