How To Fold A Pocket Square For A Man’s Suit

Following are some videos and tips from mens fashion experts showing how to precisely fold a man’s pocket square several different ways. You can follow along with these simple step-by-step instructions.

4 Reasons To Buy A 2nd Pair Of Matching Suit Pants

I don’t recommend buying an extra pair of suit pants for EVERY suit, but I firmly believe that the 2 suits that every man needs are: 1 navy solid suit and 1 charcoal gray solid suit. And to complement your basic business wardrobe, you should buy 1 additional pair of matching pants for each — your navy suit and your charcoal gray suit.

How To Save Money On Dry Cleaning: Men’s Suits

If you’re spending a couple hundred dollars each month dry cleaning your suits, it’s time to stop! Good news: you don’t need to dryclean a suit after every wear. Here’s how to keep mens suits fresh and clean and free of wrinkles in between dry cleanings.

Men’s Linen Clothing Tips: Fun Ways To Look Stylish In Linen

While in today’s market you may find linen blended with other fibers, I recommend staying away from the two famous sisters ‘Poly’ and ‘Ester’. Keep in mind that nothing breathes cooler than a natural fiber, therefore, what you gain in wrinkle resistance you lose in the coolness and lightweight comfort of linen’s natural fibers.