4 Reasons To Buy A 2nd Pair Of Matching Suit Pants

I don’t recommend buying an extra pair of suit pants for EVERY suit, but I firmly believe that the 2 suits that every man needs are: 1 navy solid suit and 1 charcoal gray solid suit. And to complement your basic business wardrobe, you should buy 1 additional pair of matching pants for each — your navy suit and your charcoal gray suit.

How To Save Money On Dry Cleaning: Men’s Suits

If you’re spending a couple hundred dollars each month dry cleaning your suits, it’s time to stop! Good news: you don’t need to dryclean a suit after every wear. Here’s how to keep mens suits fresh and clean and free of wrinkles in between dry cleanings.

Men’s Grooming Tips For A Job Interview

If you care about making a good first impression at the job interview, then you’ll want to give a little extra attention to your personal grooming on the day of the interview. Here are some basic grooming tips that will help you to make a good first impression at your job interview:

Top 3 Cedar Shoe Trees

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can certainly judge a man by his broken down shoes. You need to protect your investment in your footwear. Here are the top 3 shoe trees, which are cedar shoe trees by Woodlore.

Woodlore shoe tree

Why You Need Cedar Shoe Trees

Trees for your shoes are like air for your tires… they provide longevity and performance. Here’s why you need cedar shoe trees.

Men’s Linen Clothing Tips: Fun Ways To Look Stylish In Linen

While in today’s market you may find linen blended with other fibers, I recommend staying away from the two famous sisters ‘Poly’ and ‘Ester’. Keep in mind that nothing breathes cooler than a natural fiber, therefore, what you gain in wrinkle resistance you lose in the coolness and lightweight comfort of linen’s natural fibers.